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My B-Day.

So today is my birthday! And even though it's a Tuesday, some people have decided to celebrate it anyways!  I got some of my gifts today, including my parents and Per's (stockholm guy)!

I'll keep this list updated when I get more presents =P


Mom - Paying for my trip to London
Dad - A new jumper and training trunks
Grandma - 300 SEK
Per - A black leather handbag

So that's it for now, but I really love my presents! Thanks to everyone who smsed, pmed, called or told me HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My day has been a blast! (Even though I have a cold xD)

EDIT: These gifts are from people that where at my party on the 8th March

Lovisa - Nail decorating set and a pair of earrings
Viveca - The Mediator: Shadowland by Meg Cabot and cardmaking papers
Nermin - Stamps
Hannah - Movie quotes quiz-book
Zarah - Box of chocolates and presentkort for Nordstan
Shirin - A pair of earrings and two toys of a frog and a lizard (has to do with the card she wrote)
Vanessa - Handwarmer and a book of questions
Julie & Marcus - Memory-card for my mobile
Sarah & Elin - The Wish List by Eion Colfer
Ryan - 3 decorative chickens, 100 SEK and a butterfly necklace
Jonathan - Pearl bracelet (fake though), necklace with three small crosses on it and hair decorations
Paolo - 100 SEK ( He told me he was bad at buying gifts)

The party was great and I really loved my presents. People say that they don't know what I like and yet they get me such good gifts ^^ Thanks everyone, you guys mean the world to me.

Spamming around.

S'rsly. This abomination has got to stop and the people sending them. I'm talking about the fucking Widgets that people keep sending with cute little messages and sparkling pictures. The most annoying part about Widgets must be the music that comes along with them. I once had five people send me the same Widget with the same annoying song and I haad to delete it five times, each time lagging the computer.

So, stop sending fucking Widgets, people! Nobody likes a lagging computer.

Busy Bee

So tomorrow will be the first time I've seen Kimmie and Sarah since the chocolate festival and I'm quite excited over it ^^ I've missed talking to Sarah and fangirling with Kim (although it's usually Kim doing th fangirling xD) so it'll be nice seeing them tomorrow. I realised it will be the first time I'm meeting Jenny for over two years so I'm not entierly sure how that will go... Hopefully everything will run smoothly.

So I should be really stressed out over the fact that I have homework due for every single day next week not to mention two tests on the same day right after eachother. Thankfully it's not on the Monday...

Anyway, nothing much to say today. Haven't really done anything except buying Sarah's birthday present... So yeah. That's about it.

Happy 18th Birthday Sarah! =D

The Irony.

So I just watched Melodifestivalen and Krister Sjögren and Amy Diamond went to the finals. It's ironic that the oldest and the youngest contestants won... Amy's entry was quite good, voted for it but Sjögren's was such a publicity scam. I mean, "I love Europe"? WTF? Like that's really gonna get the votes going. Another delight was Björn Gustavsson. He was the commercial entertainer. Came in singing "What is love?" but got stopped by Luuk and read his poem about love instead. Fucking best love poem ever in Swedish. Oh, and Gothenburg was mentioned in it =P

So yeah, I know it's sorta weird that I just suddenly started writing on LJ again and I know I always say "I WILL start blogging again!" and "Wow, it was ages ago I blogged." and then I don't write for another 5 months but I really want to try and keep my blog updated. Could perhaps help my writing skills and/or I can get some sort of inspiration for my story.


So I haven't posted anything on LJ for about 3 months now and I thought it was about time that I started again. First of all, I've had a superb Christmas holiday so far with nothing but lazying around all day and being with friends and family. I'm perfectly happy doing this for the next 2 weeks. Second of all, merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it. Hope you had a good one. My family isn't Christian but just for the sake of giving we celebrate Christmas, and as tradition we always go over to our former neighbours house and eat dinner there. Anyways, I'll write more about that some other day (I'm lying. I won't.). I just wanted to type up my list of gifts this year given and recieved. Btw, I understand that pretty much everyone who's going to read this will not know who everyone is but the post is really more for myself.

Anyways, I'm pretty satisfied with this years Christmas. I had great food and I got to spend it with people I love which is exactly what you should do =D I just hope that new years will be as good...

Stolen Memes.


To Kim

Just wanted to congratulate Kim on her 17th birthday =) Hope your day is a good one.

Happy Birthday Kimmie!


First day at school/NRJ in the Park

Had my first day at school today. Got a new girl in the class, her name's Sonja Spencer-Berg... Very quiet and withdrawn. Didn't really bother to talk to her that much, even though that would have been the polite thing to do. I guess it's because it's year 8 now and it's the year we start getting grades and stop getting treated as small kids any longer. Got introduced to the new Swedish and German teacher too; Mr. Hultén. He seems to be a very interesting and nice teacher. I think Mr. Mevi's got competition~! Oh yes, and FINALLY the senior classes've got Craft! That involves Wood-work and Sewing. So excited about having those subjects. Anyways, first day at school was good and not as terrible and tiresome as I thought it would be. Starting to feel very excited and anxious about having grades for the first time.

So just came home from the concert with my mom. She seemed to actually enjoy our evening out with eachother. She liked the dinner and the concert and I'm happy she liked it. Was thinking she might not have liked the concert due to the loud music and fan-girl squeelings. Seriously. Danny is not that good looking or good at singing. There is no god damn good reason to yell out everytime his picture fades in on the large screen. Most of the band's did a great job and performance and really used their opportunity to shine for the moment. Some of the band's sadly, did not manage to captivate the crowd with either their singing or performance. The Monrose with the worst of them all. Three "hot" girl's "singing" about a hot summer in tight short clothes. Not too impressing...
The artist that got the loudest yells and cheers was not Danny, but in fact Mange Schmidt. Almost everyone was clapping and jumping when he came out from backstage and he sang his most popular and known songs, Glassigt and Giftig. To everyone's surprise Petter came out and started to rap along with Schmidt which made the people scream even more. It was cool that Petter was the surprise guest.

After almost two hours wait did the band I was waiting for finally com out. They sang two songs, one which was lesser known and the other Here (In Your Arms), their very well known and played hit single that debuted them in Sweden. Yes, I am talking about the ever hilarious and goofy band, hellogoodbye. It may have taken two hours, but it was all worth the wait and pain.

A French Bulldog?

So Julie's been nagging the whole family for some days now, saying she wants a French Bulldog and that it'll ring the family closer together. What she says could be true, but I highly doubt that we'll ever get a dog. I mean, I would love to have a dog although if we didn't that would be okay too. The main problem of not getting a dog these several years has been Dad. He's the one who thinks we can't take care of a dog. In reality, it's because he doesn't want to pay for it.

Stole from Kimmie.

1. Name: Mabel
2. Birthday: 4 March
3. Place of residence: Gothenburg, Sweden?
4. What makes you happy: My friends :)
5. What are you listening to now/have listened to last: Open Your Eyes - Snow Patrol
6. Do you read my lj: Yes.
7. If you do, what is particularly good/bad about it: You're so good at being random about everything that happens. I wish I could do that better.
8. An interesting fact about you: I can wiggle my eyebrows (and not only both together, but one at a time!)
9. Are you in love/have a crush at the moment: Yup.
10. Favourite place to be: My bathroom.
11. Favourite lyric: Um... don't think I have one... Alot are really good.
12. Best time of the year: Autumn. If it's not raining.
13. Weirdest food you like: Frog?
14. Do farts make you laugh: Depends who make them xD

1. A film: For laughs, Evan Almighty and for action, The Departed.
2. A book: His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman.
3. A band, a song and an album: Keane, Chasing Cars and Infinity On High

1. One thing you like about me: The easiness to talk to you.
2. Two things you like about yourself: My sense of humour and eh... my personality.
3. Put this in your lj so I can tell you what I think of you: Already have!
4. Post a picture of yourself. (optional!) You already know how I look.


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